Impact Services
"Indigenous Employment Specialists"

About Us

IMPACT SERVICES Pty Ltd is an Aboriginal joint venture between Impact Services WA and Skill Hire Pty Ltd. Impact Services has been created to achieve greater employment and economic development opportunities for Aboriginal people and their communities.

Impact Services WA was established in 2016 by Stuart Roberts, a respected leader in Aboriginal employment, the business offers a range of specialised mentoring, training and employment services throughout the region. Skill Hire Pty Ltd, originally established in 1992 as a local training organisation is a known and trusted business which now has sites across 20 locations in WA, SA and Victoria and offers a diverse range of employment and training services.

Impact Services is a one-stop-shop for Aboriginal jobseekers, students and career changers seeking to improve their skills and employment prospects. Impact Services provides a professional Aboriginal employment service which is able to effectively respond to the needs of both jobseekers and employers.

Employer Services

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness Training is a pivotal step in ensuring a foundation is laid towards creating safe, understanding and welcoming workplaces where Indigenous staff can thrive.

Community Engagement

We work collaboratively with community groups and organisations to build relationships and networks with Aboriginal communities throughout the region. The needs of Aboriginal people and stakeholders are supported to help achieve positive outcomes.

Employment and Recruitment

Labour Hire
Aboriginal Recruitment Services
Aboriginal Recruitment Strategies

Contract Services

Vegetation Management
Property Maintenance

Mentoring Program

Designed to provide a positive and culturally appropriate service for Aboriginal jobseekers wanting to achieve their full potential. Mentoring is multi-faceted and individually focused to help with gaining and sustaining long-term employment.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Aboriginal School Based Trainees
Aboriginal Apprenticeship/Traineeship training
Aboriginal Apprenticeship/Traineeship mentoring services

Jobseeker Services

Culturally Secure
Services delivered by Aboriginal staff in a culturally aware safe environment.
Work-ready and life skills training.
Guided self-assessments
Specially developed self-assessments to help you achieve your goals.
Action Planning
Jobseeker-driven action plan development.
Career Advice
Career advice and development.
Skills Analysis
Gap analysis of skills and qualifications.
Support and Mentoring
Programs developed by Aboriginal staff to support and mentor you in training and the workplace.
Resumes & Interviews
Get help writing resumes and interview techniques.

Why Engage Impact?

Local Aboriginal business.
Extensive industry knowledge and experience.
Community engagement specialists.
Cultural awareness and sensitivity.
Vision to help Aboriginal people achieve social equity.
Strong stakeholder engagement.
Extensive experience in Labour Hire, Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Training Aboriginal employment experts.

Contact Us

Impact Services
291 York St
Albany WA 6330
(08) 9845 6111