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Labour Hire & Recruitment

Labour Hire & Recruitment

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Labour Hire Services

We specialise in hiring temporary and permanent workers throughout the Great Southern and now in Perth Western Australia.

We collaborate closely with employers to establish their workforce needs. Our open and honest communication ensures your business and project needs are our priority.

As an Aboriginal owned business, we satisfy your Aboriginal procurement policy requirement under State and Federal contracts by engaging Impact to deliver your labour hire requirements.

We provide a seamless recruitment process from beginning to end and simplify the payroll process.

Our workforce is supported by a project manager and employment mentor, a true wrap around service.

Our charges include all statutory costs including:

  • Superannuation guarantee contributions
  • Employee wage payments
  • PAYG withholding
  • Cover for workers compensation
  • Relevant insurance policies
  • Payroll tax
  • Portable long service leave contributions (if applicable)
  • Personal Protective Equipment

We invest in Health & Safety to ensure that our workforce conducts their work safely and effectively. Health & Safety guidelines are closely monitored and audited to ensure we are always compliant.

Recruitment Services

Our recruitment process includes the attraction or identification of suitable candidates, screening, and assessment of working history as well as reference, qualification, work eligibility checks and safety profiling before presenting shortlisted personnel for the client’s selection. Post-selection, we cover pre-employment checks, negotiation of contract, onboarding, and mobilisation of the recruit.

Group Training Organisation (GTO)

What Is a GTO ?

A Group Training Organisation (GTO) is a corporation established to provide training and employment opportunities. They employ apprentices and trainees and are responsible for ensuring that those employees receive suitable training and experience.

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GTO Employer Duties

A Group Training Organisation’s complete Employer Duties include:

  • selecting and recruiting apprentices and trainees
  • paying wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, sick/holiday pay and other employment benefits
  • managing the quality and continuity of training, both on and off the job
  • providing any care and support the apprentices needs to complete their training

What Are the Benefits of a GTO ?

The Benefits to a client are:

  • Meet Aboriginal KPI’s employment and Aboriginal business spend
  • One stop shop for potential job candidates
  • Organise contractual requirements and incentive payments
  • If the situation changes, the Apprentice/Trainee will still be able to complete their study with another host employer.
  • At times GTO wage subsidies are available that would not be available directly to an employer.

Why Choose Impact Services ?

Reasons why you should choose Impact Services over our competitors:

  • Few Aboriginal Group Training Organisations in WA provide pastoral care and mentoring to ensure participants complete their apprenticeship
  • Experienced industry players both in Aboriginal Employment Services/Recruitment and in contract businesses gives us a better scope of what is required in the business

Impact Services has the structures and processes for decision-making, accountability, and control of that group training organisation as well as effective administrative procedures in place. Our internal audit procedure ensure compliance to the standard and relevant legislation.

The key outcome for a GTO is to develop an apprentice/trainee to become a skilled worker who has completed a recognised qualification.

Impact is proud to have developed sustainable relationships with partners to ensure the Apprentice and Trainee receive the best experience in obtaining their desired career.

How Do We Fit In ?


The structure of our Group training includes policies and procedures based on:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Host Employer
  • Competency Based Program
  • Placement and Ongoing Support
  • Training Plan Development
  • Stand Down
  • Access and Equity
  • Apprentice or Trainee Performance
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • GTO Governance and Administration
  • Complaints and Appeals
  • Audit.

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