“Employment Opportunities for all people in a culturally safe and inclusive environment.”
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Our Organisation

Our Organisation

Stuart Roberts - Impact Services

Empowering people to achieve success represents our core purpose

We are committed to walk alongside people providing the guidance they need to achieve this.

The Economic Value Impact Services Has Generated

From February 2019 to February 2023
$ 162716
Great Southern
$ 165478
Western Australia
$ 257416
$ 307665

Our Vision

Empowering people to achieve success

Our Pillars

Financial Sustainability, Client satisfaction, Innovation, Environmental and Governance, People and Culture

Our Mission

To create opportunities for people to enhance their lives through employment, entrepreneurship, and self-determination.

Our Core Values

Community & Leadership

We take pride in our "footprint", our core values,our heartbeat, belief and identity.
We collaborate and share knowledge to help us adapt & grow.
We build relationships and demonstrate positivity both within our teams and the community.
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We create a safe place to speak up
We treat each other equally to work towards a common goal.
We transform challenges into opportunities
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We respect and value each other's contribution by actively listening with an open mind.
We promote inclusion by celebration our differences.
We show kindness and empathy in the way we communicate


We work collaboratively as a team and embrace each other's strengths and celebrate our success
We build a culture of resillience and determination through learning from our mistakes and finding positive solutions
We support each other to create a happy and healthy workplace

About The Economic Value Data

Who Calculated the Data?

Value calculations are produced by Dr. Brian Martin who has a Ph. D in Economics from UWA. Brian is a consultant economist with more than 20 years’ experience in this sort of analysis, as a private consultant and before that with State and Commonwealth Governments. He has produced estimates of economic value for government and private sector clients in most States of Australia as well as for overseas clients.

How are Values Calculated?

Values are calculated from published work of other analysts and drawing on the consultant’s own experience. The values of creating and finding jobs included:

  • Improved health
  • Reduced drug and alcohol use
  • Fewer problems with the law
  • Reduced Centrelink dependence
  • Increased taxation revenues
  • Flow-on value of good role models.

In each case, detailed 2021 Census statistics were used to calculate average values separately for Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees, and average costs for unemployed and employed persons. Values have been calculated from monthly records produced by Impact Services of job numbers and business expenditures.