“Employment Opportunities for all people in a culturally safe and inclusive environment.”
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Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness


Our wrap-around service includes employment mentoring support.

Employment Mentors assist employees in gaining valuable knowledge and an understanding of the workplace culture and employment pathways.

Through one-on-one employment coaching your experience with our team of workers is successful and culturally enhancing your organisational culture.

Reconciliation and Procurement Policies

Whether you are aiming to achieve your internal Reconciliation policy targets or satisfy your Aboriginal Procurement Policy requirement under a contract we can help you.

The WA and Federal Governments have implemented an Aboriginal Procurement Policy which sets targets for supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business growth in WA. There are proven benefits to Australian Aboriginal communities from increased support to Aboriginal-owned businesses and there are plenty of simple steps you can take as a business to include more Aboriginal businesses in your supply chain.

Cultural Safety For Your Workplace

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