“Employment Opportunities for all people in a culturally safe and inclusive environment.”
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Our People

Stuart Roberts - Impact Services

Stuart Roberts

Stuart has close to 20 years’ experience in working the Employment and Community Services sector and has both developed and lead numerous Aboriginal community development frameworks. Stuart is passionate about creating better outcomes for the Indigenous community and has held several roles during his career including: Stuart is also the...
Stephen Quain - Impact Services

Stephen Quain

In his earlier career, Stephen worked with the Forestry Dept. of W.A, Dept. of Conservation and Land Management Dept., Great Southern Plantations Australia and VEMCO Australia. Stephen has worked throughout all states of Australia in numerous Contract Manager Roles including Recruitment, OHSE, Community engagement, Production, Contractor engagement and Supervision. During...
Kerry Fry - Impact Services

Kerry Fry

Chief Executive Officer
A qualified Chartered Accountant, Kerry is a business leader in the Great Southern region. After an extensive career in restructuring and turnaround management, Kerry started a business specialising in business growth, financial modelling, risk management, strategic management, accounting analysis, investigative accounting, and reporting. Mid 2021, Kerry accepted the position of...
Audrey Williams - Impact Services

Audrey Williams

Government Contracts Manager - Workforce Australia
With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the employment services industry, Audrey is a seasoned professional whose journey began as a site manager, where she transformed a regional site in Western Australia into the highest-ranked establishment in the area. Audrey’s expertise extends to managing contracts and performance for Workforce...
Anite Morgan - Impact Services

Anita Morgan

Business Contracts Manager
An extraordinary woman and leader of her community Anita Morgan is driven to make long-term changes to the Aboriginal community. Anita’s career highlights include employment support and wellbeing coordinator and aboriginal health development adviser which allowed her to change the internal processes of NHW Cultural engagement practices with Aboriginal and...
Lesley Clemens - Impact Services

Lesley Clemens

Communications & Marketing Manager
Communications & Marketing Manager Lesley’s talents in strategic development to grow sustainable businesses are the perfect fit for Impact Services.  Her extensive experience in business development and analytical and strategic thinking focused on targeting new business opportunities, client relationship management and communications spans 25 years. Lesley is a specialist in...
Annelize Schoeman - Impact Services

Annelize Schoeman

People & Culture Manager
Annelize Schoeman is a qualified Human Resources Professional with 17+ years of experience in People and Culture with a passion for building leadership capability and promoting positive employee engagement. Her experience includes recruitment, talent management, employee engagement and HR information systems. Annelize prides herself on her ability to build robust...
Marni Allen - Impact Services

Marni Allen

Training Manager
Impact Role As the Training Manager at Impact, Marni Allen designs and executes training programs to enhance employee efficiency and effectiveness. Her role involves identifying training needs, creating customized programs with tangible results, and evaluating their impact on organizational performance. She also manages resources and technical aspects, stays informed about...