“Employment Opportunities for all people in a culturally safe and inclusive environment.”
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The Impact Employment Story

We offer employment services in the Great Southern and Perth region, serving clients like Workforce Australia, Jobs & Skills, and TAEG. Our services include resume creation, job searching assistance, skills recognition, job matching, industry insights, on-the-job mentoring, and culturally sensitive support for Aboriginal individuals. We specialize in removing employment barriers, helping clients secure jobs, and arranging apprenticeships or traineeships.
Impact Employment provides:

A range of employment services in the Great Southern and Perth region.

We can provide:

  • Resume creation
  • Help with job searching & matching
  • Skills and qualifications recognition
  • Link to current employment opportunities
  • Information about industries and occupations
  • On the job mentoring
  • Apprenticeships & Traineeships
  • Culturally sensitive employment and careers services for Aboriginal people

Why engage us:

  • We help you remove barriers to employment
  • We help you find jobs
  • We have experience in contract work and labour hire, mentoring and engagement
  • We can arrange an Apprenticeship or Traineeship for you.

Our contracts:

    • Workforce Australia
    • Jobs & Skills
    • TAEG

The Story of the Impact Employment Brand Colours

The Employment division was represented by the color blue, which symbolized the vast sea that surrounded their land.

This division focused on providing job opportunities to community members, creating employment pathways, and supporting economic development.

The blue color told the story of the sea, with its deep blues and turquoise hues, representing the abundance of resources and opportunities that the sea provided to the community.

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