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Daryl 62 yrs. old

At Impact Services, our mission is to create opportunities for people to enhance their lives through employment, entrepreneurship, and self-determination. Regardless of the challenges and barriers, we find practical solutions and provide people with the guidance they need to achieve their goals. 

In September 2019, Daryl (then a 59 yr. old Aboriginal man) responded to our community recruitment campaign for heavy rigid truck drivers. His main goals were to secure steady employment and to create a more stable living situation for himself and his family. We are proud to say that both dreams have come true. 

Previously, Daryl spent many years working in the shearing industry as his primary source of income. Given the inconsistency and unpredictability of the wool industry, he had not been in regular employment for over two decades. His age and employment status made it incredibly difficult for him to secure a mortgage. He and his family had grown tired of moving from one rental property to another, and they wanted the stability of home ownership. 

At the time of his application, Daryl was almost sixty years old and had limited experience with the safety protocols required by the contract. He had never done this type of work before but was willing to bravely venture into the unknown. The induction process was online and without prior computer or smartphone skills, this would have been a major barrier to entry for Daryl and many others in a similar position. With the support of Impact Services, he successfully completed the induction. 

Within six months, we were able to assist Daryl in applying for a mortgage. Along with his new employment status and steady source of income, Daryl has also realised his dream of becoming a homeowner. He and his family moved into their newly built home in April 2021. 

There were some setbacks along the way, but Impact helped Daryl with an application for an extraordinary licence. After a rigorous court process and an eight-week delay, the extraordinary licence was granted, and he was back on the job. Impact Services worked with Daryl, who no longer drinks alcohol, and we are over the moon to advise Daryl is still with us today.

Daryl has been working with Impact Services for nearly two years and we could not be prouder of his progress!

Some barriers we helped Daryl overcome were:

  • Limited computer, phone skills
  • Alcohol misuse
  • Experience with safety practices
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