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Taleah 17 yrs. old

Here at Impact Services, our mission is to empower Aboriginal and Indigenous people to realise their full potential. Regardless of age, background, or qualifications, we support our candidates in pursuing their goals, empowering themselves, and creating a future they can look forward to.

When we first met Taleah in 2020, she had just finished Year 12 and had dreams of going to medical school. She was a successful student, and she knew that her potential was limitless. With plans to commence university studies in 2022, she registered with our Jobs and Skills Centre in late 2020, shortly after completing secondary school. She was proactive about her career and wanted to spend the following year gaining valuable work experience and securing financial independence before beginning the next stage of her studies. By 2021, she had successfully interviewed for a junior administration position, despite having no prior work experience. 

Taleah’s passion, ambition and work ethic were quickly recognized, and she has since been promoted to an administrative position at Decmil South. Decmil is an Australian-owned project management firm, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. After being interviewed by senior staff members in late 2021, Taleah began 2022 in her exciting new role.

As a young person with no experience in the corporate world, Taleah was understandably nervous about making this big leap. Impact Services supported her throughout this journey by providing mentorship and interview preparation to allow her to feel more comfortable in a corporate setting. After she got the job, we provided her with the work uniforms necessary for her role. We also partnered with Decmil South to provide training and advancement opportunities for Taleah. With our support, she has built up her confidence and is sure to excel in any work environment.

We are incredibly proud of Taleah’s progress. She’s taken on additional roles and responsibilities, allowing her to stand out amongst her colleagues. She has also completed an Occupational Health and Safety certification, which will help open even more doors for her in the workplace. With the real-world work experience she has gained; Taleah has a solid foundation and a bright future ahead of her. 

Taleah’s passion, ambition and work ethic were quickly recognized, and she was promoted to an administrative position at Decmil South

After being interviewed by senior staff members in late 2020, Taleah began 2021 in her exciting new role. During this placement, she also started her first-year University studies at the local Albany campus with the support of the workplace and Impact, and is now in her second year.

Some barriers we helped Taleah overcome were:

  • No computer, phone skills
  • No white card
  • Limited experience with safety practices
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