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Reuben 16 yrs old

Reuben was just sixteen when he responded to our recruitment campaign for apprentice carpenters. He was a strong contender, given his pre-apprenticeship training with Technical and Further Education (TAFE) NSW. Despite his background, he had previously been unsuccessful in his search for employment. 

When an opportunity arose with our client, Wauters Building Company, Reuben jumped at the chance. Though he interviewed well, his lack of previous work experience caused him to be less confident in his abilities. In December 2019, we encouraged him to take on a paid internship to help improve his skills and build his confidence. Impact Services supported Reuben by providing onsite mentorship to assist with adapting to the demands of his new work environment. After a month in the role, it was clear that Reuben was a force to be reckoned with. He clearly demonstrated not only his natural affinity for carpentry but also his high level of motivation and commitment to success. 

In February 2020, he was granted an apprenticeship in carpentry with Wauters Building Company in Albany, where he continues to shine.

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