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Marni Allen

Training Manager
Marni Allen - Impact Services

Impact Role

As the Training Manager at Impact, Marni Allen designs and executes training programs to enhance employee efficiency and effectiveness. Her role involves identifying training needs, creating customized programs with tangible results, and evaluating their impact on organizational performance. She also manages resources and technical aspects, stays informed about training trends, and collaborates with HR and management to achieve training objectives, including employee enrolment and scheduling.


Marni Allen has a diverse employment history showcasing her strong organisational and communication skills. She worked as an Administrator at Ranger Drilling from April 2022 to the present, where she screened candidates, and provided business. Prior to that, she worked as a Recruiter, monitoring recruitment ads, screening applicants, and assisting candidates in their journey from job offer to relocation.

Before her roles at Ranger Drilling, Marni served as an Employment Case Manager at the Ministry of Social Development in New Zealand from November 2019 to March 2022. Her responsibilities included providing financial assistance, working with local agencies to empower people and families, and managing a diverse caseload to help clients achieve sustainable employment. She also worked as a Regional Consultant in Kalgoorlie, Australia, advocating for students’ support.