“Employment Opportunities for all people in a culturally safe and inclusive environment.”
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Stuart Roberts
Stuart Roberts

Stuart Roberts

Stuart Roberts - Impact Services

Stuart has close to 20 years’ experience in working the Employment and Community Services sector and has both developed and lead numerous Aboriginal community development frameworks.

Stuart is passionate about creating better outcomes for the Indigenous community and has held several roles during his career including:

  • CEO of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations
  • Manager of Aboriginal Training and Employment Programs
  • Manager of the Family Violence Prevention Programs
  • Health Promotions Officer
  • Aboriginal Housing Officer
  • Aboriginal Youth Worker
  • Aboriginal Police Officer

Stuart is also the Chairperson of the Aboriginal Emerging Leadership Group established in 2016 with 40 members from across the region considered to be the next tier of future leaders. Consequently, both have strong, established networks with businesses, schools, communities, and service