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Gayle Murtagh

Operations and Allied Health Management Professional
Gayle Murtagh - Impact Services

Meet Gayle Murtagh, a seasoned professional with a distinguished career spanning operations, budgetary performance, strategic Direction, contractual obligations and servicing, and Allied Health management. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of clients and a knack for establishing activation/contact centres and fostering Allied Health in Employment Services, Gayle has consistently delivered excellence throughout her professional journey.

In her current capacity as Operations Manager at Impact Services, Gayle channels her expertise towards integrating the delivery of Allied Health services and Workforce Australia with the organization’s overarching vision. She assumes a pivotal role in charting the strategic direction, ensuring steadfast adherence to contractual obligations, and upholding operational excellence.

Before her tenure at Impact Services, Gayle spent an impressive 16 years as the Operations Manager at atWork Australia. In this role, her responsibilities encompassed Operations Allied Health, Contact Centre management, the successful implementation of Activation teams, meeting stringent budgetary requirements, and actively contributing to all facets of performance enhancement and strategy refinement. She has a distinguished history of leading multiple teams to sustained excellence, and her passion lies in the implementation of innovative approaches to boost productivity.

Gayle Murtagh’s career trajectory is a testament to her unwavering dedication to operational brilliance and her unrelenting drive to elevate the well-being of individuals seeking employment and rehabilitation support. Her leadership acumen and commitment to innovation make her an indispensable asset in any organizational setting.